Head shot of Sara Santaga, founder of Sara's Artisan Gelato


Meet Sara Santaga

“My first trip to Italy was in 2011 with my grandfather Aldo, an Italian immigrant, my grandmother Janet, my sister and two cousins. I tried gelato for the very first time and couldn’t get enough of it! I had gelato every single day of my two week trip, sometimes twice a day. Throughout the rest of high school I completely fell in love with food and cooking, and I never forgot about that sweet, creamy Italian gelato. Four weeks in Italy at Carpigiani Gelato University and one culinary arts degree later, I’ve tested and created over 100 recipes of gelato and sorbet. My gelato recipes are all handcrafted using traditional, Italian techniques, Wisconsin milk and high quality ingredients.  I am so excited and happy to bring this delicious Italian tradition to my hometown of Green Bay!”


"We only use high quality ingredients in our gelato"

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