Ice Cream vs. Gelato

  • Ice cream is traditionally made with egg, has more cream and less milk
  • Ice cream has 14-25% fat
  • Ice cream has more air churned into it, giving it a harder texture



Sara's Artisan Gelato in Strawberries & Cream and Espresso Flavors

  • Gelato can be, and often is, made without egg, has more milk and less cream
  • Gelato can also be made using water instead of milk, also known as “sorbetto”
  • Gelato has 4-9% fat
  • Gelato has less air churned into it, making it taste more creamy that ice cream
  • Gelato is served at a warmer temperature, so the flavor is intense and not too cold on the tongue
  • Traditionally, Italian gelato is served with a spade, not a scoop, and is made with fresh, top quality ingredients to give the gelato the best flavor possible!



"We only use high quality ingredients in our gelato"

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