Sara's Artisan Gelato Mint, Chocolate chip gelato in a cone

Our Gelato

Artisan (Ar-ti-san) noun; “(of food or drink) made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high quality ingredients”

The word “Artisan” is in our business name to deliberately remind ourselves of the type of gelato we believe to be best. To us, the best gelato is made using calculated, hand-measured recipes, and it has as many natural, real ingredients as possible. In our gelato, we use real fruit, pure nut pastes, top quality French chocolate, and we make our gelato sauces from scratch. At Sara’s Artisan Gelato, we are committed to making our gelato using traditional, Italian techniques, and we strive to showcase the difference between average gelato and gelato that is impossible to forget!

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"We only use high quality ingredients in our gelato"

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